Greetings weary traveler! I'm Briana Krzeminski a quirky young Illustrator living in the Greater New Haven Area and I am here to guide you on a journey into the world of art. As a current gradutate of Paier College of Art, for my Bachelor's in Illustration, I should have enough knowledge to lend my talents to anyone, as well as learn even more along the way.

   Currently I'm working as a freelance artist. If interested in a commission please contact me with your questions and/or ideas.

     I surround myself in art of all manners, from fun, colorful, and exciting illustrations that engage the viewer to relatable characters that draw your attention.  As an Illustrator I use the many mediums of art to create new worlds and characters that I hope will delight, entrance, or inspire the people who view my work.


     Bringing characters to life is what I aim to achieve with all my work. Though my true interest lies in the world of animation, where I hope to pursue a career in through character and concept design work. I continue this daily as I perfect my skills and diligently draw everyday.




Yale University

Hagaman Memorial Library

East Haven Public Schools

East Haven Chamber of Commerce

All images, content, logos & artwork © Briana Krzeminski

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